One Star, Two Princes, Three Dragons

Subterranean Trouble Makers

The Adventure Beings

Work crew
Riven and Borik are pushed from the Lightning Rail by a mob of passengers. The VIllage of Hateril is alive with activity.

The pair meet while trying to find a place to stay for the night. After conversing with a trader in one of the over crowed Inns they are given directions to The Steel Song Bird, a high class luxury Inn on the other side of town.

In rout to the Steel Song Bird Riven and Borik encounter some ruffians in an alley way beating a small Warforged. After helping defeat the streeet thugs the Construct decides to accompany them to the Inn.

At the Steel Song Bird the three meet it’s owner Byrum CrescentHorn. The friendly Minotaur informes them that the reason his doors are closed is because his high security store room has been compromised and he can no longer cater to his usual clientele of high value item merchants.

The group then goes to the store room to investigate the theft…



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