One Star, Two Princes, Three Dragons

A Hero Falls

After another day of rest and recuperation, our band of heroes head north to make their appointment with Capt. Aramis at Sword Keep. It was a beautiful clear day, perfect travelling weather. On the road they ran into a Hatheril patrol who told them about a recent wolf attack on a small farm to the northeast. The team decided to take a short detour and follow up on the wolf attack.

On the farm they found the family recovering from the shock of the attack and the little boy who had taken ill after the attack. Borik examined the boy and found him sick with something similar to Filth Fever. After applying some healing poultices and prayers, the party left behind the farm and the healed boy as the trekked north to investigate the wolves that attacked the farm.

Further north into the thickening woods the team find the remaining camp of the army that attacked and razed Hatheril. The camp was at the base of the hills that would slowly grow into the mountain range that surrounded Sword Keep. It was a sizable party of Orcs, Goblins, and Kobolds that looked half starved, lost, and with no place to go. Riven took the high ground, but found himself being engaged with some Goblins and was unable to help the rest of the team who were being swarmed by the horde of Goblins and Kobolds in the army camp. The team proceeded to demolish the raiding party but took massive damage in the process.

Having seen scouts leave the camp as they arrived, the team knew that there would be more coming back soon. Riven went on the lookout while the rest of the team clean up and explored the camp. Riven returned and warned them of the returning forces. Unsure of which path the returning forces would take, the team unwisely decided to split their forces and take both the high ground and the low ground. This would prove to be Borik Mroranon’s last tactical error.

The team quickly split into two groups, with Riven and Borik taking the high ground and Harlan and Drack taking the camp at the base of the hill . While Drack and Harlan waited in the two tents to surprise the returning enemies, Riven and Borik quickly found themselves pinned down by some Gnoll archers. Harlan and Drack found themselves fighting off a small party of zombies and were unable to get to the high ground quickly. To help Riven and Borik who were taking damage from the archers. By the time the zombies had been finished off and Harlan and Drack had moved to the high ground, they found that Riven and Borik were in dire straits.

The battle continued until Riven, Borik, and Harlan all fell after numerous arrow wounds. Drack suddenly found himself all alone and surrounded by his fallen companions. In a blind rage Drack stomped back and forth across the battlefield while arrows bounced harmlessly off his high armor class, I mean, off his plate mail and shield. Drack first tried to engage the remaining Gnolls in melee combat, but retreated to heal his friends as the failed there death saving throws, I mean, as the bleed out in the field. Looking over his fallen comrades, Drack leaned over and said a prayer to heal the least dead looking hero, which ironically was the Riven. Riven them patched up Harlan while Drack to once again engage and occupy the Gnoll archers. Finally, the last archer fell, but not before Borik Mroranon failed his last death saving throw, I mean, gasped his last breath. The remaining heroes stood in shocked silence, unsure of what the future would bring next. Borik Mroranon, the exiled Prince of the Mror Holds, last heir of the Onxy Throne had fallen and the world had lost a great Hero.



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