One Star, Two Princes, Three Dragons

A New Chapter

Enter Brigid

What had started as a fine day for traveling had slowly turned into a evening about to burst into stormy weather. The sky slowly filled with clouds as the sun started to set and the thunder clouds began to gather in the south. It was near dusk when the team finally made its way back to Hatheril with a small party of mourners they had picked up along the way. Although but Riven and Harlan were both exhausted from their battles, it seemed that there was something more going on with Harlan. During their journey back his hair slowly started to turn white and his eyes slowly turned completely black. It was a few miles from town when he finally collapsed on his horse. With the help of the mourners who joined their procession, Riven and Drack were able to bring Harlan and Borik back to Hatheril before the thunder storm broke.

The following morning it was decided to return Borik’s body and belongings to the Mror Holds and his family. Lord Von Burien makes the arrangements while the city makes their own memorial arrangements. Harlan awakes later in the day of find Capt Aramis, Lord Von Buren, and CrescentHorn standing over him and checking on his health. Harlan seems changed after his long sleep, muttering about being gone for a long time.

Lord Von Burien calls a meeting together to discuss an issue of some concern, but before the meeting can start, the Silver Songbird is crashed by a young female monk. Enter Brigid Fireheart. (Insert description and bio here)

After some “catch me if you can” between Riven and Brigid, the team allows her to stay. LVB brings them up to speed on an artifact that was used near the end of the war that could drill/travel underground, but was lost at the time of the Mourning. A recently discovered book leads LVB to believe that the artifact can be recovered and that the book could help them locate and operate the artifact. This will help them cross the border into Thrane in order to find out what’s going on in there and what the Clerics of the Silver Flame have planned.

The book is protected by some magical sigils that cause mental pain and madness when the book is read. Harlan opens the books and breaks all the sigils with his own magic (or madness?). The book is full of writings and drawings, some of which actually make sense. Based on the information provided, the team believes they will find the artifact somewhere on mountains to the west of the Mournland at the edge of Breland. They decide that LVB will lead the team up the mountain and try to find the location of the artifact or an entry tunnel leading to the artifact. Once they locate a probable site or entrance, the team will set off a magical flare and Capt Aramis will bring in his team to also try and locate the artifact.

The team packs up and, with the help of LVB and his special Lightning Rail car, the team reaches the city of Vathirond in record time. From there they make their way south to Fort Kennrun with their upgraded pack mule Bill. From there they make their way up the mountain over some treacherous terrain, taking a best guess at where they think they might find the artifact or entrance under ground. While crossing near a narrow cliff they are surprised by an attack from two ogres, an ettin, and a huge dire wolf. After taking some beating, the team rallies and finish off the monsters. Due to the inclement weather, they team decide to hole up in the monster lair. After some searching the team finds what they believe is the lair, a large cave filled with bones and debris. Unfortunately the team find the cave by falling down a slope into it and fail to secure a way back of the slope.

Besides finding 250 gp and 100 residuum, a careful search of the cavern reveal three exists, one high up the leading back outside, one with a soft glowing light, and the third dark and uninviting. Believing they have found an entry way into the lower depths, the team sets off their flare for Capt Aramis.



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