One Star, Two Princes, Three Dragons

An interlude

PC and player comments

The first thing on Brigid’s mind is getting paid. She did some quick calculations and figures that she’s since they’ve been gone 12 years~3000 days at 300gp/day, Lord von Buren owed her 900,000gp. He paid her 3,000. That means he still owes her 897,000 credits.

She sees this as a time for heroes. And she just happens to be see herself as a hero. So she’s thinking she’ll step up and play the part. So she wants to know what she can do to help. Where did the mourning-goop come from? When did it come? How did it happen – slowly or quickly? Did lots of people die? Who designed Lodros, because obviously somebody was planning ahead. Are there other Lodroses? What are the borders of the goop? Is there a war with Thrane?

She’s also incredibly impressed by these people. She’s seen some tough folks in Sharn, but the work they put in and the way they stuck together isn’t something she’s seen. She wants to be part of that. Maybe their patron goddess.

As a player, I want to know wtf is up with the undead dwarf statues.

Unlike Drack, Riven, being the undead living for an eternity type of guy that he is, isn’t so much concerned with the 12 years that has past but the fact that the area of the Mournland has increased in size. Knowing the Raven Queen she must have her hands full with more than likely increase in dead coming her way and wants to get to the bottom of it. He is also very curious as to the increase of Dwarf stuffs all around and wants to know what kind of political alliances that have formed and the like.

On another note, shortly after leaving the Underdark Riven has had an increasing feeling that he is being watched. He isn’t the type of guy that looks over his shoulder but he has been catching himself doing it more so than ever. He has been having horrible dreams about huge dark black birds either following him or them attacking him from all directions and wonders if that has anything to do with it. Is the raven queen trying to tell him something, he isn’t quite sure?

Harlan already knows too much. He was a fool for not noticing it all before, everything laid out in front of him. The connections, the associations, had been there the entire time, almost as if the horrors from beyond had wanted him to see it all along. Yet, like a foolish child, he focused only on the concerns of the moment, not realizing that everything he hoped to prevent had already happened.

PD, on the other hand, is going to make a lot of shit up.

What the Flame is going on here? Drack so confused. Young guy is now old guy, how 12 years go by in one week?

What’s going on in Thrane? Can Drack contact someone there? What the Church of the Silver Flame doing? What bad clerics doing over there?

What is this purple mist thing? Who/what caused this mess? Can Drack smash them in face?

How are the people of Hatheril coping with the mist/change/whatever? Did Drack mention that Drack confused?

What LODROS doing here and why he no look like tin can?

What say talky talky man (Harlan)? Him smart, he read books with no pictures. And the picture books talky talky man has hurt Drack’s head when Drack try to read the books.

From an action point of view, Drack would likely endeavor the following in order:

Make contact with his local congregation that was just being build up when he was here last. Is there any other representative from the Church here to fill him in with what’s been going on or to give him new orders? Failing to find any Church connection he would look for any Thrane personage of status/power/influence currently in Hatheril. This might be a diplomat, merchant, or the king of the beggars for all he cares. He just wants to find out what’s going on back home. (Yes, to Drack Home is still Thrane, not Hatheril).

After checking on the locals and trying to find info on Thrane, then Drack would think about the other stuff. The mist, Lodros, time displacement, the walls, the changes, the walking stone dwarfs, and the other thinking stuff, well, Drack leave all that to Harlan to figure out and explain.

PS – From a story perspective I thought Drack might find his weapon upgrade being held for him by his congregation or at the Sherriff’s department. I thought the Church or someone might have sent it to Drack shortly after the team left Hatheril and they’ve been holding it in memorial until now. Or maybe stuffed in a crate half forgotten if the towns people are feeling abandoned by the team.



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