One Star, Two Princes, Three Dragons

Castle hide and seek

Who goes there?

We return to our intrepid heroes as they start their battle with fish guy and his pet darkcloaks.  Fish head yaks on and on about how the castle belongs to him, until the team tires of listening to him and proceeds to beat him down.  But before the heroes can finish him off, he makes a quick escape from the room.  And suddenly a loud thump echoes through the castle.

Back at the camp, the team hears a loud thumping, stomping noise.  It grows louder, closer, when a large thing jumps out of the lava moat and heads in their direction.  The team makes tracks back to the mycanoid town thinking it would be better to fight there then at their open base camp.  The team reaches the mycanoid town and turn to face the oncoming threat.  Shortly they find themselves facing a twisted Cadaver Collector, what was once a medical and support warforged had been turned into an abomination of itself, likely from the purple mists in the castle that resemble the Mournland mist.

Although frightful to behold, the team smashes the warforged to bits.  The mycanoids, impressed with the adventurer’s valor, or intimidated by their strength, offer up their town and food to the adventures.

The team in the castle collect 400 gp each before continuing to follow fish guy through the castle.  After running into some blind screaming creatures and killing them, the team find that they’re lost fish guy.  They follow the stairs down for five levels and find themselves at the base or under the base of the castle.  The team find little crawling warforged covering the ceiling of the base level and are unable to move past them.  At the far end of the base level they can make out what looks like a control panel which might be the control panel as drawn in the magic book.

Unable to move forward, the team return upstairs with still no sign of the fish guy.  They find on the opposite side of the stairs another security sigil blocking their path and a lock of some sort that has sealed off the upper floors.  Unable to make it past the security sigil or the locked door in the ceiling, the team starts to back track to some unexplored passages.

The team find themselves in what is likely the mess hall and library, when they come under attack from an ape like creature.  After killing it they search the area and find a necklace that looks like the control necklaces in the magic book.  Thrilled with their success, the team continue with their exploration, first running to a booby trapped stairs, then into a small warforged forge.  There the team finds a cute little warforge smith hammering away at his work.  The team tries to communicate with it, but surprise, it be faking being cute.  It summons a half dozen protectors and the team is hard pressed to defend themselves for the metal beasts.  As the battle comes to a close, the little warforged smith spies the necklace and grabs it.  It turns invisible and quickly skitters out of the room, down the stairs, and into the hallway.  A cry of alarms gives Ashe a heads up and he tries to grab the little smith.  Feeling him rush by and knowing the importance of the necklace, Ashe turns into a werewolf and charges after the invisible smith, much to the surprise of the rest of the team.



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