One Star, Two Princes, Three Dragons

Into the dark

Ashe shoots us

Lightening blast on Aramis and Meri.  Ashe gets dominated and shoots Meri and Aramis.

After killing after Grell, they find crystal ball in head. Drack eats brain. Meri finds 1000 gp of residium gems.

Aramis, Drack, Demetrion go back to cave. Harlan and Demetrion examine the crystal ball. They figure out how to activate it and watch the others.

LVB, Vician, Bridget go back to castle along with the book. Continue down hall find large room.  Dolgaunt monks 

Save Alfred!

200 residium gems each (1000)b

Next room has fish person. LVB tries to negotiate purchase castle, he fails, then dark mantles drop down.



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