One Star, Two Princes, Three Dragons

The Lord of Blades

Catching up with the new world

The team settles in for the night at the Silver Songbird and get an update on the last 12 years from Byrum CrescentHorn. It seems a lot had happened while the heroes were gone. The Mournland started to expand sometime after the heroes had disappeared on their secret missions. Some thought their disappearance and the timing of the attack was a coincidence and some did not. A warforged leader called the Lord of the Blades started an invasion on Breland about 10 years ago and the Mourning extended into the Breland was a prelude to the warforged invasion.

BCH informs the team that he is no longer a Kings Lantern, but he still hears occasional reports, like the rumors that Cardinal Web disappeared several years ago, either in a ritual gone wrong or from activating a ritual involving the Silver Flame.

Besides the walls, the stone dwarf guardians, and LODROSS becoming a tower, the people of Hatheril had changed too. About six years ago a small group started the Monastery of Drack’s Axe in honor of the missing dragonborn. A small group street rats had grown up into a small organized cult that followed the path of Riven (whatever that means). Both groups sent emissaries to the Songbird to make contact with their respective mentors. While Riven and Drack made plans to meet with their groups the following day, Brigid Fireheart observes these two cults and makes plans of her own.

Back in their rooms Riven is surprised to find a sexy young miss waiting for him. She tries to seduce him and chides him for not bringing her more gifts. Riven disentangles himself from her embrace and promises to send her more souls now that he has returned.

The team is awakened early the next morning by pounding on the Inn door. The Mayor has arrived with the sheriffs to arrest the party for collaboration with the enemy. Riven, not taking too kindly to this idea, shoots the blowhard of a Mayor, but not before the Mayor is able to magically summon a party of Stone Dwarf Militia to arrest them. DwarfThe flesh sheriff pulls the Mayor out of the Songbird while the team destroy the stone Dwarves. A quick trip outside by Brigid finds that a large mob has gathered around the Songbird overnight. Brigid attempts to woo the masses, but seeing the bloodied Mayor being dragged out causes the mood to change as cries of “traitor” start being shouted.

The party quickly decide to leave by the back door and make their way to the city gate. Riven catches a glimpse of one of his cult members gesturing from a secret tunnel and follows him instead of following the rest of the party.

As the team make their way through the streets and back alleys, they find themselves once again facing off a stone dwarf and street stone elementals before they can escape the town. Riven emerges from a tunnel near the gate and yells at the team to run before making his escape out the city gate. The rest of the party try to make their way out of the city, but are hampered by the elemental and the stone dwarf. Riven returns to find them struggling and shoots off a few arrows to destroy the stone dwarf.

As the party make their way outside the city they find themselves confronted with new questions. Lord Von Buren arrives in his magical Lightning Rail car and tell them to jump in because them must head off to XXXX to XXXXX. At the same Captain Aramis and Paladin CrestHill emerge from the moving castle which just burrowed up from underground. Paladin CrestHill tells Drack that he must come with him to Thrane to save the Silver Flame. The world suddenly goes bright with Draconic prophecies as Nadrossthul lands next to them and tell them that must go with him to have Drack fulfill his destiny. LVB says shouts that Drack is being used by the Church and not to trust the Dragon. Paladin CrestHill shouts that he knew Drack would let them down and that it was a mistake taking Drack into the Church when he sees Drack hesitating. Nadrossthul says, “Come little one,” and Drack turns to follow him.



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