Vician of the Bow

That's MISTER Vic to you.


With a magic bow, cape, and armor, what else do you need? When I hunt you down, the last thing you’ll hear is the twang of my bow.


Through the fading light of dusk Vician saw the deer moving cautiously through the trail. It had been a long wait, but Vician was ready and he quietly raised his bow and drew back the arrow. He stilled his breath and focused his Ki the way his Grandmother Limbairedhiel had taught him. The arrow flew swift and true, piercing the deer’s heart and dropping the animal with very little sound. Vician started to field dress the deer, his hands moving with a life of their own from the memories of hundreds of pervious kills. “Sword Keep will have venison added to their menu and they could all thank Grandmother Limbairedhiel for that it,” he thought to himself.

Vician had been raised in the forests near Wroat, in the midlands of Breland, with his extended family and had learned the ways of the bow from his Grandmother at an early age. He quickly excelled beyond the abilities of his siblings, showing a natural talent for the bow and for hunting. It was Limbairedhiel who taught Vician how to hunt, track, hide, and fight, passing down all of her knowledge to him. Limbairedhiel had been a noted warrior in the Last War, making a name for herself at the Third Battle of Vathirond.

As Vician made his way back to Sword Keep, he thought about his upcoming assignment. He had been pulled from his normal duty on the East Wall and was told to report to Captain Aramis. He was surprised to find that he was being sent south with a few select troops early the next morning along with the strangers that had entered the Keep late last night. Rumors about the identity of the strangers were flying about the keep. It was said they were spies for the Emerald Claw, envoys from Wroat, an infiltration unit headed to Thrane, the new sheriff of Hatheril, diplomats from Thrane, or agents for The Lord of Blades in the Mournland. He had seen them briefly and thought them a motley looking bunch, but they were definitely stirring up the keep with even more rumors of an impending battle with Thrane.

Whatever the truth behind the strangers, Vician knew that the next few days were going to be interesting.

Vician of the Bow

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