Drack's Gauntlets of Ogre Power


Smash! Large metal gauntlets that are magically endowed to give the wearer the ability to strike with extra damage.


Despite the harsh sun beating down, the mood was festive and excited as the lines of troops marched out of Metrol. The campaign march was scheduled to start at mid morning, but bureaucracy and disorganization kept it from starting until almost high noon. The citizens lined the streets and balconies to cheer their troops on and to wish them luck in the upcoming battles. Flower petals and confetti floated in the air, swirling through pikes and banners. Children ran to and fro while venders sold snacks and flags as if they were all celebrating King Jarot’s birthday. The city was a bustle, full of magic and industry as they all prepared for war.

Captain Delsin adjusted his new armor as he moved down the street, feeling it pinch here and there. The final fitting had been completed late last night, as were much of the preparations for the day’s journey. Delsin waved to the Ladies that lined the windows and blew kisses to the pretty ones, hoping to return as a hero and thus secure a marriage to one of the Lesser Houses. Like the rest of the city, Delsin was optimistic in their success in quickly subduing the rebels. Queen Mishann had seen them off with a grand ceremony and everyone believed that it would only take a few months quell Prince Thalin and Prince Kaius.

Delsin looked down at his fine new magical gauntlets. They had been presented to him by his father and had been given to him as a gift from the Great Odai d’Cannith. Uncle Odai always gave great gifts and looked after their House. It was rumored the he was working on something special with Merrix d’Cannith, something so grand that it would change the face of the world. But Delsin knew nothing of the inner workings of House Cannith, he only knew the gratitude for Odai’s gift. Little did he realize that he would lie dead on the field of battle in less than a week. His armor and weapons would be stripped from his corpse and the grand gauntlets would get passed on or stripped from new corpses for the next hundred years.

Drack scraped clumps of web off his armor as he cleaned up the dead bodies scattered around the warehouse courtyard. Between zombie spells, raging mechanical beasts, giant jumping spiders, and Flame knows what else, it was hard work trying to identify which body part belonged to whom. Drack paused and looked around for the walking bag of bones and spotted him sulking in the shadow of the warehouse. That boy wasn’t looking right recently, but then again, no walking dead ever looked right. With a snort, he turned and returned to sorting body parts. He was so distracted that he almost missed the pair of shinny gauntlets that were attached to a large headless upper body. The gauntlets were clearly very old and large enough that they would probably fit his hands.


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