The Astral Map

An artifact from the Continent of Mysteries that reveals the secrets of the Astral Sea.


A strange map found in an ancient ruin in Xen’drik by an expedition from Morgrave University. When viewed, the Astral Map shows the reader a realtime view of Siberys, the sky above. The movements of the many astral bodies can be witnessed from the map, allowing a knowledgable reader to ascertain what is happening in the Astral Sea and how it relates to the world around him.

The Astral Map is magical in nature and occasionally reacts to elements within the local environment. Specifically, monstrosities from Xoriat tend to cause the Astral Map to radiate significant energy, almost as a warning.


It is not clear who created the Astral Map or for what purpose. In recorded history, its first appearance is its discovery in Xen’drik by an expedition from Morgrave University. Although most of that expedition perished on the journey, a large crate of artifacts from the expedition found their way into the possession of a young scholar at Morgrave University named Harlan Lagrasse. At this time, he is the current possessor of the Astral Map and considers it one of the most important things in his possession.

The Astral Map

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