The Rod of Xen'drik

A strange rod from the Continent of Mysteries locked with hidden power.


A somewhat grim looking item, the Rod of Xen’drik was found somewhere on the Continent of Mysteries by an expedition from Morgrave University. At the time, nobody thought much of the rod or what significance it may have. However, after being discovered by Harlan Lagrasse, a young scholar and associate at Morgrave University, the true power of the rod has been slowly manifesting.

When Harlan first found the rod, it appeared to be nothing more than a rod made of some strange bone, smoothed out and embedded with a dark jewel at the tip. After some research in the Tome of Now and Forever, the rod became changed, seemingly growing in power as Harlan learned more about the dark powers of Xoriat and their influence on Khorvaire. The rod became an item of significant arcane power, an aid to Harlan in his journey.

Later, after the liberation of Hatheril, Harlan had a peculiar experience in which strange visions filled his mind. After a night of troubled sleep, he awoke to find that the rod had once again changed, become slightly more sinister yet growing significantly in power.


Little is known about the rod or where it came from. Based on his studies of the Tome of Now and Forever, Harlan has speculated that it was constructed long ago by the people of Xen’drik. Given his experience with the rod and it’s growing power, especially as he seems grow closer to the influence of Xoriat, he believes it may have been constructed as a weapon against the terrible creatures of Xoriat. However, any theories that Harlan has generated are nothing more than wanton speculation.

The Rod of Xen'drik

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