The True Rod of Xen’dirk

A rod of great magical power. Or not.


The True Rod of Xen’dirk


“What?” Harlan stopped and turned. “Did you see something?”

“Did you hear that?”

“Hear what? I don’t hear anything. What did it sound like?” Harlan looked around trying to identify the source of the sound.

“There! Over in the corner, do you see it?”

“No, where? I don’t see anything. Oh wait, you mean that stick?”

“It’s not a stick.”

“Wait,” said Borik.

“What?” said Lodros as he powered down his servo motors.

“It’s not a stick?” asked Harlan as he bent down to examine the stick. “Yes. Yes! I see, it’s not a stick. It’s… it’s a…”

“Did you hear that Lodros?” asked Borik.

“What? You mean Harlan? He’s over there.”

“It’s a Rod.”

“A ROD!”

“What’s he doing?” asked Borik as he peered down the corridor. “Hey Drack! Get your ass over here!”

“What little man?” grumbled the large dragonborn as he shoved the last bits of what looked like large spider legs down his mouth.”

“The LOST Rod of Xen’dirk!” said Harlan as he held aloft his prize.

“Yes, now you see it clearly. The Rod of Xen’dirk,” said Harlan.

“I’m so glad you pointed it out, thank you! I might have missed that treasure sitting there,” said Harlan as he examined his find.

“Did you hear that?” Borik asked Drack. “Over there, Harlan.”

“Who he talkin’ to? The mirror again?” asked Drack as he watched Harlan sway back and forth, clutching a something in his hands. “What’s in his hands?”

“I think that’s a chair leg,” said Lodros.

“No, I think it’s a tree branch,” said Borik.

“Bah. Leave the talkie talkie man to himself,” said Drack as he shuffled off, shoving something else in his maw. Whatever it was, Borik would have sworn that it squeaked and crunched as Drack bit down.

“Now I can protect it. My precious rod,” said Harlan.

“I’m too old for this shit,” said Borik as he walked away, leaving Lodros there alone, watching the two Harlan’s talking to each other.


The True Rod of Xen’dirk

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