One Star, Two Princes, Three Dragons

Crossing Talenta Plains

Dear book.

Drack so happy. After long trip with the small smart guys through the dessesrt, it is good to be back in town. The trip was long and hard. We finght these other short guys who attacked us. They seem so small but they take the wangons from us. The short nomes not happy with us but dwarf point out the mostly all alive. Good point.

We get out of dessertt and go into elf land. These elf guys not so friendly, but that okay. After we got to town I got lost and found me some guy selling big lizzard eggs. That remind draK that we the short guys attacked us dey was ridding big lizard things. I thought it would be fun toi ride one toe. I find guy selling eggs here in town. He said it was a dragon egg! Me so lucky! He sell me egg for 100 gold pieces and said it will grow into big red dragon! Red jsut like Drack! The egg is big as Drack head and dark red alsmost black with goldish streaks and it so warm. Holding the egg make drack so happy!

Drack carry egg back to show friends and get lost in town. People real nice and show Drack where his friends at. I show firends my egg and little dwaf guy build me nest! Drack sleep with egg to keep it warm.

Can not wait for egg to hatch. What do baby dragons eat me wondering. Maybe they like bugs like drack like to eat bugs. Or maybe rotten meet. Yum yum. I wonder what I should call baby dragon wen it hatch. Maybe I call it Glsoweeresiskskiiskwn Krasisazzanvn. That good Draconic name. Or maybe call it Roger. I should wait until hatch. Maybe it already kno it own name. Or if it has wings me call it Spot.

I hear cracking noise. Must go check egg.


On the Edge of Destruction
The adventurers leave Karnath, making a brief yet disastrous stop in the north Mournlands.

Borik argues with his father over LODROS.

2. The Paladins of the Silver Flame insist that they need to return to Thrane immediately. He informs the Sheriff’s dept that they cannot return through Thrane.

3. Hatheril send a message regarding the town council. The dept chooses to support building a town wall.

4. Group buys horses, starts off towards Hatheril, bypassing Thrane. They arrive at K-town.

5. They find researchers heading to the Mournlands to conduct research.

6. They get to a house. Drak tries to open the door, finds a Wrathborn. Two cyrian constructs appear.

6.5. Borik asks the Wrathborn who killed him. He said whoever killed him was not on this plane.

7. The heroes run away. Borik drags the Wrathborn onto the boat.

8. Borik makes a deal with the researchers, telling them what they learned from the Wrathborn.

The Purge of Blood
Borick has to make a difficult choice while Riven has one made for him.

1) Kaius tells Harlan and Drack get escorted by guards to a room. Riven and Borick are taken away by Onyx guards. They awaken shackled, stripped of their possessions, hanging in a dungeon. They start fighting.

2) A knock at the door of Harlan and Drack. Lead Paladin Crescenthill talks to Harlan about what happened. Harlan tells him there’s something weird about King Kaius III. Cresthill asks about it. Harlan isn’t sure.

3) Crescenthill talks to Drack about what has happened. Drack tells him about the shadow in the flame, is told to never mention it again. Drack tells him about what happened in the throne room. Crescenthill states that the “conspiracy has gotten out of control.” Crescenthill gives Harlan a copy of “Rituals of the Blood of Vol” and leaves.

4) King Kaius III appears in the dungeon. Demands of Riven to know who he is. He reaches forward and chokes him. A strange withering creeps down his hand. He lets ago. “This is the one.” Guards drag away Riven and they leave with Kaius III.

5) A dwarf enters the dungeon. “May I enter, son?” It’s Borick’s father, King *. They talk. King tells him about the Blood of Vol and how it infected the youth of the Mrorholds. The King made a deal with King Kaius III to purge the Blood of Vol.

6) Riven awakens to find himself in a similar position, changed to an altar in a ritual room. Ritualists look at him and start making ritual markings on him. King Kaius III enters, talks to Riven, and stabs him in the chest with the sword.

7) Borick is brought into the ritual room. Kaius III explains how the ritual needs the blood of a noble prince. He explains how this ritual intends to free him from the Blood of Vol. Eventually, Borick agrees.

8) Harlan and Drack arrive. The ritual begins. Drack holds King Kaius III down. Riven struggles to drive the ritual. Borick succumbs to the ritual, allowing his blood to be siphoned. Harlan supervises the Ritual.

9) The Ritual is completed. A red field envelops King Kaius III. Three women burst into the chamber. Clerics of the Silver Flame. They command it to stop. Drack says, “We purged the evil.” The servants of the Silver Flame become imbued with silver light and turn towards the adventurers. They attack!

10) Battle ensues!

11) The ritual completes. King Kaius III stands, looking more human than ever. Then he passes out. They carry Kaius to his room.

12) They rest until the next day. King Kaius III awakens, begins eating. Cresthill and King Dwarf arrive. They all talk to Borick. Borick and the dwarves leave. Riven, Drack, and Harlan talk to King Kaius III.

The Wedding Crashers
The party continues their voyage on the Shoal Cruiser

1. A strange man named Tembo appears to Harlan.

2. Tembo substantiates and attacks the group.

3. The party defeats the undead monster. Harlan finds a strange artifact.

4. Party arrives in Korth. Harlan masquerades as a Charn historian with Riven as his aide. Borick and Drak get involved with moving the cargo into the castle.


9. Borick charges King Kaius III. Onyx Clan guardians burst into the throne room and attack.

By Lightning Rail to Karrnath
The Hatheril Sheriff's Department makes way to Karrnath


1. After a week of rest and recovery, Riven awakens having had an unusual visitation from the Lady of Death. He realizes that he had misunderstood the commandments of the Lady of Death.

2. Drack receives a letter from the Church of the Silver Flame informing him of the missionary work being undertaken by the church. It seems that King Kiaus the III has invited Lead Paladin CrestHill

3. LODROS receives a very ominous letter from his friend at Sword Keep Lt. Wolvar.

4. Borik receives a letter informing him that his sister will marry King Kaius III of Karrnath. He informs the party that they need to go to Karrnath and investigate.

5. The group takes the lightning rail to Aruldusk.

6. The party splits up to investigate the comming wedding between Borik’s sister and King Kiaus III. Drack proceeds to the local Silver Flame temple and discusses the current politics within the Silver Flame. Borik proceeds to a market. Harlan goes to the dock and discovers a boat loaded with Silver Flame religious equipment bound for Korth. Harlan secures passage aboard the vessel, the Shoal Cruiser.

7. LODROS is attacked by a mysterious Warforged named “17” and three dwarves. They knock him unconscious and take him.

8. Drack receives LODROS’ last message. He gathers a group of Silver Flame paladins and proceeds to the market. He hears word of a vessel at the docks which boar black armored dwarves.

9. Borick, Riven, and Harlan meet at the train station. Harlan informs them that he secured passage. Curious about where Drack and LODROS are, they proceed to the Temple of the Silver Flame. The holy men at the temple direct them to the market. At the market, they find the three paladins who direct them to the docks.

10. Drak finds a dock worker and tries to intimidate him. Harlan, Borick, and Riven arrive. They begin looking for clues.

11. Harlan finds the burned out husk of 17, the Warforged who attacked LODROS. Riven finds the letter that LODROS had received. Borick and Drak discover that a ship, the Shard of Night, just recently departed for destination unknown.

11.5. Harlan finds a strange runic symbol on 17. Drak takes it and Borick identifies it as the symbol of the Diamond Throne.

12. The group stays at a nearby inn awaiting the departure of the ship. When they awake, the Diamond throne sigil is missing.

Escape from the Underdark
The Hatheril Sheriff's Department escape from the depths of the Underdark

1. The party talks to the wizard, discover that they can’t help him because they may have already been involved with a necromantic ritual.

2. Wizard teleports them out. Riven takes ill, falling unconscious.

3. The party makes way back to Hatheril. They meet a group from Swordkeep heading to Hatheril. The group tells them that hostilities have ceased and the border between the two countries (Thrane and Breland) has reopened.

4. When they arrive at Hatheril, most of the contingent that helped liberate Hatheril have left and the town is returning to normal.

5. Riven is left with the House Jorasco healers. They offer to help as well as they can.

6. Borick and Drak communicate with the remnants of the city council of Hatheril.

The Darkness and the Madman
The Hatheril Sheriff's Department wanders the Underdark

Troglodyte group
1. After being lost in the Underdark, the party comes across a group of troglodytes. It’s rough.

2. They find the troglodyte campsite. Shortly thereafter, they find a strange, mad wizard trying to finish a ritual to become a lich.

3. The wizard offers to teleport the group to the goblin leader’s camp in exchange for them aiding him in his ritual. They agree.

4. The group combats the goblin troops, defeating them and capturing the leader.

5. They follow the wizards magic sigil back to the wizard.

The Hunt!
Finding the Head of the Goblinoid Army proves difficult


1. Lord Von Buren and the Mayor of Hatheril begin to show signs of weariness as they argue over what the Hatheril Sherif’s Department should do next.

Guessing that the Emerald Claw was only providing the undead portion of the enemy force, Lord Von Buren sugests that the group go after the other half of the invading army. The Mayor however disagrees with him and wants the men to travel back to Sword Keep to obtain reinforcements from Captain Aramis.

2. Everyone except for Riven gives away all of their healing items to the House Jorasco Healers.

Giving unto Hatheril

Fed up with the bickering between Lord von Buren and Hatheril’s rather unfortunate mayor, Borik and the group step away to check on the work being performed by the healers of House Jorasco.

Borik approaches one of the apparent administrators of the healing contingent. “How goes the effort to restore the people of Hatheril?”

The House Jorasco healer takes a deep breath. “It is difficult, m’lord.” He points to the pile of corpses off in the distance, a grim remembrance of the horrible things done by Bad Guy. “Some of the people are beyond our efforts. Others, on the other hand, can be saved, but not without great effort.” The Jorasco healer tries to smile, despite the oppressive air about them all.

Borik tucks at his mail shirt and takes a step forward. “What can I do to help, then?” Drak lets out a smile, amused by the dwarf’s resolve yet contemplating whether or not Borik truly understands the scope of the situation.

“Your assistance is welcome, m’lord. However…” The Jorasco healer looks over the group, a motley crew of adventurers, and shrugs. “I am not sure if you have the skills that we require.”

Drak takes a step forward. “Perhaps you are right, friend. However, I would beg to ask… Is there anything we can get for you to aid you in your efforts to restore the people of Hatheril?”

Borik looks over to Drak, a little confused. Picking up on Drak’s cue, Borik continues. “Yes! We could get you supplies, equipment you could use to aid the people here!”

The Jorasco healer smiles. “Of course, my friends.” He pauses, looking over the group. “If you have any healing salves or potions, that would aid us in our efforts. Although the healing process required to restore the people is not the same as that found in such a concoction, we are familiar enough with the magics involved to… convert it.” His smile fades as he turns back towards a nearby patient.

Drak and Borik look at each other and then back at the party. Harlan and LODROS reach into their packs, withdrawing the few healing items that they had stowed. Borik and Drak also eagerly search through their belongings for anything which could be of assistance. They find potions, salves, and bandages, all items useful for healing the sick and injured. The group pools the items and Borik collects them into a bag for presentation to the House Jorasco representative.

“Will this help?”

The Jorasco healer looks into the bag briefly, assessing its contents. “Yes! This is wonderful, friends! With this, we can keep people going for a substantial time.” His seemingly hidden smile opens broadly. “Yes. I can see that this will help us for some time.”

3. Lodros Spots some Gnoll scouts in the distance watching over Hatheriland the team chases them down. At the mouth of a cave they battle the scouts and some Goblinoids that appear to be guarding the entrance. Harlan Lagrasse believes that the Goblinoids are using powerful magic emanating from the Far Realm.

4. The team decides to rest after the battle at the mouth of the cave. During the Night both Harlan Lagrasse and Riven feel compelled to explore it further.

Troubled Sleep

As the group makes camp at the mouth of the cave, Riven stands watch, his undying gaze staring deep into the cavernous entrance. As he looks, his mind slowly wanders into the cave, focusing on something just beyond his sight. As the campfire burns itself out, he continues to stare into the darkness, straining to hear something just beyond his senses. A strange voice, or maybe more of a feeling, calls out to him. A force he has not felt, the dark touch of the Death God, reaches for him, calling him into the cave. As the strange feeling overcomes him, he loses focus, lost in the dark…

“Harlan!” A stout whisper calls out. “Harlan!”

Harlan awakens with a jerk. He looks about the campfire but sees nothing of note.


The neurotic fellow looks towards the cave, trying to find the source of the voice.

“Harlan! Can’t you see me?”

Harlan looks around, struggling to see who is calling. Drack and Borik are sound asleep. LODROS lies by the dead campfire, apparently in some sort of shutdown cycle. Riven is nowhere to be seen. Harlan calls out to the darkness: “Riven? My ghoulish friend, is that you?”

“Of course not, you fool! It’s me!”

Harlan, startled, looks around for the source of the voice. “Me? Who are you?” Harlan scratches his head as a strange fear creeps into his conscious mind. Nobody responds to his question. He calls out, a little louder. “Who?”

In the distance, at the mouth of the cave, a strange noise erupts. Quiet at first, it grows in magnitude. The horrifying sounds of thousands of maddening creatures washes over Harlan for a brief instant. Harlan tries to let out a scream, but finds himself unable to do so.

Harlan’s vision fills with a tumult of horrifying images. He can see creatures from the dark reaches of Xoriat, the Realm of Madness, tear across the beautiful land of Khorvaire. In instant, the horrible images fade, leaving him staring at the mouth of the cave.

A voice calls out in the silence:

“From beneath you, it devours.”

Riven regains his senses, standing at the mouth of the cave. Surrounded by darkness, he hears nothing but the scurry of creatures in the darkness. A voice calls out to him, but he cannot make out what it tries to say.

“Who is there? What do you want from me?”

From the darkness, Riven hears a chorus of whispers, one over the other, slowly build to a cacophony. When the noise becomes all but deafening, Riven hears the piercing scream of a woman. Somehow, the scream reverberates through his wilted soul.

A cry for help, perhaps. Or a warning. Luckily, Riven has never been one for heeding warnings.

Breaking Dawn

Borik and Drak rouse early as LODROS prepares an array of concoctions for the coming day. Riven, still on guard, ponders the strange events of the evening. Harlan, the last to awaken, does so with a fright. He looks about in a panic, not certain as to how to interpret what he saw.

Borik looks around as the group readies itself for the day. “So. We need to make a choice. Should we head into the cave? Or…”

“We must go in.” Riven looks across the camp at Borik. “It is important that we explore further.”

Drak looks over at Riven, somewhat puzzled. As he is about to speak, Harlan jumps from his bedroll. “Yes! Most assuredly! There is some cosmic connection…” He fumbles for his Astral Map. “Something…” He looks quickly across the map, trying to find something to explain what he saw. He traces his finger from Xoriat to Eberron. “I am not sure, but…” He looks to the sky, hoping some answer awaits him there. “There is something in this cave.” He taps his map authoritatively, trying to hide his own lack of understanding. “We must explore further.”

Borick and Drak look at each other quixotically. Drak shrugs. “Alright.”

Riven nods quietly. “I am certain that something important awaits us below.”

Harlan looks confused, trying to understand the meaning of his nocturnal vision. “Yes… something important, no doubt.” As he stares at Xoriat’s place on his Astral Map, he mumbles under his breath, “Certainly not anything dangerous.”

5. The following morning the group ventures further into the cave, believing it to house at least some part of the army they are searching for. Unfortunately they become lost in the twists and turns of what turns out to be a much deeper cave complex than they originally thought.

The Counter Assault
There is no Defense like a good Offense!


The adventures strike out in the dark of night for Hatheril while a team of Captain Aramis’s men head into the mountains to look for a possible enemy strike force.

When they arrive in Hatheril the town is in ruins with fires burning and all of the inhabitants turned to zombies.

They find Dimatsu Kir preforming a dark ritual in on main street and a battle ensues.

The Adventures find safety and a new ally on the northern boarder of Breeland


1. Borik Mroranon wakes up.
2. The team travels (rather unsuccessfully) through a swamp. Fights a nasty plant monster. 3.Intercepts a group of Emerald Claw offers. Finds a Emerald Claw Map of the enemies positions.
4. Arrives at Sword Keep. Meets Captain Aramis.

Morning Rises

Riven stares out a window, gazing at the rising glow over the eastern mountains. As he looks, LODROS approaches from behind. “Inquiry: status report.”

“I prefer the quiet of the early morning, my mechanical friend.” Riven stares, his hallowed face staring at LODROS’ mechanized face. “The creatures of the night and the creatures of the day, all quiet.”

LODROS cocks its head towards Riven. “Concurrence: preference for quiet.”

Harlan and Drack both stir in their beds. Borick sits up rapidly, ready for action. The dwarf quickly looks to the door. “Somebody comes.”

Harlan, Drack, and Borick slip out of their beds as the door opens. Captain Aramis enters, followed by three well-dressed officers. “Good morning, gentlemen. I hope you slept well.”

Borick steps forward. “Better than we’ve had, Captain. What do you have for us?”

Aramis steps forward. “I want to begin my examination of the equipment that you recovered on your adventures.” He points to the large pile of dirtied and bloodied equipment on the bed in the corner. “Are you ready, gentlemen?”

Riven steps forward, drawing his blade. “I appreciate your interest, Captain. I would ask that you examine my blade, first. I am rather attached to it.” He pauses, remembering. “Or, perhaps, it is attached to me.”

Captain Aramis nods at one of his lieutenants. “Certainly. Allow my man to gather up all of the texts and I will ask you to accompany him to Sword Keep’s alchemist. He will examine them further.” Borick nods and the lieutenant steps forward, collecting the assorted books into a bag. As the books are gathered, Captain A. looks to Harlan. “And the map?”

Harlan reaches into his satchel, bumbling through an array of trinkets and scrolls. “Of course. Let me just see here…” Removing a variety of strange curios from the satchel, he finally comes across the scroll he sought. “That should do it.” Harlan holds up the tattered scroll. “But I will hold on to it, if you don’t mind.” He looks at the lieutenant. “May I join your man?”

Captain Aramis nods. “Certainly. Lieutenant!” He points at Harlan and Riven. “Take these two men to the alchemist’s lab. Make sure Landru sees these.”

The lieutenant, hefting the sack full of books and tomes, renders a quick salute. “Aye, sir.” He heads towards the door. Riven and Harlan look at each other and shrug. They follow close behind the lieutenant.

As Harlan and Riven leave, Captain Aramis quickly gestures at the other two men that arrived with him. “Begin sorting this out, gentlemen. Let’s get this done and figure out what we’re dealing with.” The two men begin rapidly arranging the weapons and armor on the floor of the barracks, muttering back and forth as they do so. Sword is quickly matched with armor which is quickly matched with bow. As they complete the arrangement, Captain Aramis steps towards it, looking.

“Interesting. This is most concerning.” He looks at Borick and Drack. “I see you have encountered a significant number of combat units on your way here. It seems that the Emerald Claw has been busy, a sign that does not bode well for us.” He points at the equipment arranged on the floor and looks at one of his men. “Lieutenant. Document everything. Create a paper trail. I want this equipment destroyed and then the record sent up to command.”

Borick perks up. “Destroyed? Wait a second…”

“Yes. I apologize but I must destroy this equipment. I will create the appropriate record as to preserve the truth of your innocence . However, for any variety of reasons, nobody but us can see this equipment.”

5. Borik Mroranon and Drack send a message to Thrain. Lodros views the army of Thrain amassing on the boarder. Riven gathers information at the chow hall. Drack meets with the soldiers of Sword Keep on the Bullette Ball Field. A plan is formed.


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