Cosmology of Eberron

Cosmology of Eberron

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Although the cosmology of Eberron shares many characteristics with worlds such as Toril, Krynn, or Athas, striking features distinguish it from those worlds. The legendary dragons correspond to the three layers of the Universe. Furthermore, as the planes travel through the Universe and get close enough to contact Eberron, their influence waxes and wanes.

The Sea of Siberys

The Sea of Siberys, sometimes referred to the Astral Sea, is the world above the world. It is home to immortal angels and evils. Some say that gods may live in the Sea of Siberys. Among the Sea of Siberys are rumored to be small pockets, planes of existence much like the world below, where beautiful and ageless creatures inhabit breathtaking cities and idyllic landscapes.

The Coils of Eberron

The Coils of Eberron is the world most creatures know, including Khorvaire, Xen’drik, and the other continents. The Coils also embrace Dolurrh (the Shadowfell), Thelanis (the Feywild), and Dal Quor, the Realm of Dreams.

The Chaos of Kyber

The Chaos Kyber is the nether region that forms the foundation of existence — the world below. This tormented reality is home to demons, devils, and worse. These creatures often struggle to break free form Khyber and into the Coils of Eberron in order to prey upon vulnerable mortal minds and bodies.


Ancient legends only rumor of yet another layer to reality, beyond that of the universe itself. Scholars studying the texts of Xen’drik have come to call it Xoriat, or the Realm of Madness. Brave souls shudder at the mention of the creatures said to dwell there. Although most of what is known about Xoriat is apocryphal, the existence of the Realm of Madness and its influence on Eberron is undeniable.

Cosmology of Eberron

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