Iron Council

The Iron Council is composed of the dwarf lords of Mror Holds. Although House Kundarak is officially only an observer of the Iron Council, it is widely believed that they still hold some power if only from the shadows. The council is based in the large city of Krona Peak the closest city dwarves have to a capital.

The Council members occupy the different chairs, each one named after an ore, or gem or stone. They are:

The Diamond Chair, held by Clan Mroranon
-This is the seat of the council leader. They set the agenda, and cast the deciding vote in all ties.

The Jade Chair, held by Clan Brumbellstone
-This is the seat of the council treasurer. They appropriate all of the money needed to keep the Mror Holds functioning

The Ruby Chair, held by Clan Flint
-This is the seat of the council’s sergeant at arms. They enforce all of the rules of the council and run the council’s meetings.

The Sapphire Chair, held by Clan Loredodrin
-This is the seat of the Council’s Cultural Advisor. They ensure that the Mror Holds are governed according to the Dwarven rites and traditions.

The Onyx Chair, held by Clan Deepshadow
-This is the seat of the councils Head Justice. They adjudicate the Law of the Mror holds.

The Amethyst Chair, held by Clan Grunar
-This is the seat of the General of the Dwarven Armies. They are the commander and chief of the Mror Hold’s military.

The Gold Chair, held by Clan Ore
-This is the seat of the People. They represent the needs of all the non-Noble Dwarves in the Mror Holds.

The Silver Chair, held by Clan Highster
-This is the seat of Foreign Relations. They handle all of the Mror Hold’s business with the other nations of Khorvaire.

Iron Council

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