One Star, Two Princes, Three Dragons

The Lord of Blades
Catching up with the new world

The team settles in for the night at the Silver Songbird and get an update on the last 12 years from Byrum CrescentHorn. It seems a lot had happened while the heroes were gone. The Mournland started to expand sometime after the heroes had disappeared on their secret missions. Some thought their disappearance and the timing of the attack was a coincidence and some did not. A warforged leader called the Lord of the Blades started an invasion on Breland about 10 years ago and the Mourning extended into the Breland was a prelude to the warforged invasion.

BCH informs the team that he is no longer a Kings Lantern, but he still hears occasional reports, like the rumors that Cardinal Web disappeared several years ago, either in a ritual gone wrong or from activating a ritual involving the Silver Flame.

Besides the walls, the stone dwarf guardians, and LODROSS becoming a tower, the people of Hatheril had changed too. About six years ago a small group started the Monastery of Drack’s Axe in honor of the missing dragonborn. A small group street rats had grown up into a small organized cult that followed the path of Riven (whatever that means). Both groups sent emissaries to the Songbird to make contact with their respective mentors. While Riven and Drack made plans to meet with their groups the following day, Brigid Fireheart observes these two cults and makes plans of her own.

Back in their rooms Riven is surprised to find a sexy young miss waiting for him. She tries to seduce him and chides him for not bringing her more gifts. Riven disentangles himself from her embrace and promises to send her more souls now that he has returned.

The team is awakened early the next morning by pounding on the Inn door. The Mayor has arrived with the sheriffs to arrest the party for collaboration with the enemy. Riven, not taking too kindly to this idea, shoots the blowhard of a Mayor, but not before the Mayor is able to magically summon a party of Stone Dwarf Militia to arrest them. DwarfThe flesh sheriff pulls the Mayor out of the Songbird while the team destroy the stone Dwarves. A quick trip outside by Brigid finds that a large mob has gathered around the Songbird overnight. Brigid attempts to woo the masses, but seeing the bloodied Mayor being dragged out causes the mood to change as cries of “traitor” start being shouted.

The party quickly decide to leave by the back door and make their way to the city gate. Riven catches a glimpse of one of his cult members gesturing from a secret tunnel and follows him instead of following the rest of the party.

As the team make their way through the streets and back alleys, they find themselves once again facing off a stone dwarf and street stone elementals before they can escape the town. Riven emerges from a tunnel near the gate and yells at the team to run before making his escape out the city gate. The rest of the party try to make their way out of the city, but are hampered by the elemental and the stone dwarf. Riven returns to find them struggling and shoots off a few arrows to destroy the stone dwarf.

As the party make their way outside the city they find themselves confronted with new questions. Lord Von Buren arrives in his magical Lightning Rail car and tell them to jump in because them must head off to XXXX to XXXXX. At the same Captain Aramis and Paladin CrestHill emerge from the moving castle which just burrowed up from underground. Paladin CrestHill tells Drack that he must come with him to Thrane to save the Silver Flame. The world suddenly goes bright with Draconic prophecies as Nadrossthul lands next to them and tell them that must go with him to have Drack fulfill his destiny. LVB says shouts that Drack is being used by the Church and not to trust the Dragon. Paladin CrestHill shouts that he knew Drack would let them down and that it was a mistake taking Drack into the Church when he sees Drack hesitating. Nadrossthul says, “Come little one,” and Drack turns to follow him.

An interlude
PC and player comments

The first thing on Brigid’s mind is getting paid. She did some quick calculations and figures that she’s since they’ve been gone 12 years~3000 days at 300gp/day, Lord von Buren owed her 900,000gp. He paid her 3,000. That means he still owes her 897,000 credits.

She sees this as a time for heroes. And she just happens to be see herself as a hero. So she’s thinking she’ll step up and play the part. So she wants to know what she can do to help. Where did the mourning-goop come from? When did it come? How did it happen – slowly or quickly? Did lots of people die? Who designed Lodros, because obviously somebody was planning ahead. Are there other Lodroses? What are the borders of the goop? Is there a war with Thrane?

She’s also incredibly impressed by these people. She’s seen some tough folks in Sharn, but the work they put in and the way they stuck together isn’t something she’s seen. She wants to be part of that. Maybe their patron goddess.

As a player, I want to know wtf is up with the undead dwarf statues.

Unlike Drack, Riven, being the undead living for an eternity type of guy that he is, isn’t so much concerned with the 12 years that has past but the fact that the area of the Mournland has increased in size. Knowing the Raven Queen she must have her hands full with more than likely increase in dead coming her way and wants to get to the bottom of it. He is also very curious as to the increase of Dwarf stuffs all around and wants to know what kind of political alliances that have formed and the like.

On another note, shortly after leaving the Underdark Riven has had an increasing feeling that he is being watched. He isn’t the type of guy that looks over his shoulder but he has been catching himself doing it more so than ever. He has been having horrible dreams about huge dark black birds either following him or them attacking him from all directions and wonders if that has anything to do with it. Is the raven queen trying to tell him something, he isn’t quite sure?

Harlan already knows too much. He was a fool for not noticing it all before, everything laid out in front of him. The connections, the associations, had been there the entire time, almost as if the horrors from beyond had wanted him to see it all along. Yet, like a foolish child, he focused only on the concerns of the moment, not realizing that everything he hoped to prevent had already happened.

PD, on the other hand, is going to make a lot of shit up.

What the Flame is going on here? Drack so confused. Young guy is now old guy, how 12 years go by in one week?

What’s going on in Thrane? Can Drack contact someone there? What the Church of the Silver Flame doing? What bad clerics doing over there?

What is this purple mist thing? Who/what caused this mess? Can Drack smash them in face?

How are the people of Hatheril coping with the mist/change/whatever? Did Drack mention that Drack confused?

What LODROS doing here and why he no look like tin can?

What say talky talky man (Harlan)? Him smart, he read books with no pictures. And the picture books talky talky man has hurt Drack’s head when Drack try to read the books.

From an action point of view, Drack would likely endeavor the following in order:

Make contact with his local congregation that was just being build up when he was here last. Is there any other representative from the Church here to fill him in with what’s been going on or to give him new orders? Failing to find any Church connection he would look for any Thrane personage of status/power/influence currently in Hatheril. This might be a diplomat, merchant, or the king of the beggars for all he cares. He just wants to find out what’s going on back home. (Yes, to Drack Home is still Thrane, not Hatheril).

After checking on the locals and trying to find info on Thrane, then Drack would think about the other stuff. The mist, Lodros, time displacement, the walls, the changes, the walking stone dwarfs, and the other thinking stuff, well, Drack leave all that to Harlan to figure out and explain.

PS – From a story perspective I thought Drack might find his weapon upgrade being held for him by his congregation or at the Sherriff’s department. I thought the Church or someone might have sent it to Drack shortly after the team left Hatheril and they’ve been holding it in memorial until now. Or maybe stuffed in a crate half forgotten if the towns people are feeling abandoned by the team.

Success often comes with a price

The team recaptures the runaway warforged and mange to unite the teams and get the castle back to working condition after fighting a large beholder creature from the other regions in the main control room.

The team return to the surface and find the purple Mournland fog has spread across Breland. The teams spit up and the HSD team return to Hatheril only to find that 12 years have gone by.

The town has a wall surrounding it with living stone dwarven guardians and Lodros in the town center but in the form of a building.

What the Flame is going on? What happened in the 12 years while they were gone?

Castle hide and seek
Who goes there?

We return to our intrepid heroes as they start their battle with fish guy and his pet darkcloaks.  Fish head yaks on and on about how the castle belongs to him, until the team tires of listening to him and proceeds to beat him down.  But before the heroes can finish him off, he makes a quick escape from the room.  And suddenly a loud thump echoes through the castle.

Back at the camp, the team hears a loud thumping, stomping noise.  It grows louder, closer, when a large thing jumps out of the lava moat and heads in their direction.  The team makes tracks back to the mycanoid town thinking it would be better to fight there then at their open base camp.  The team reaches the mycanoid town and turn to face the oncoming threat.  Shortly they find themselves facing a twisted Cadaver Collector, what was once a medical and support warforged had been turned into an abomination of itself, likely from the purple mists in the castle that resemble the Mournland mist.

Although frightful to behold, the team smashes the warforged to bits.  The mycanoids, impressed with the adventurer’s valor, or intimidated by their strength, offer up their town and food to the adventures.

The team in the castle collect 400 gp each before continuing to follow fish guy through the castle.  After running into some blind screaming creatures and killing them, the team find that they’re lost fish guy.  They follow the stairs down for five levels and find themselves at the base or under the base of the castle.  The team find little crawling warforged covering the ceiling of the base level and are unable to move past them.  At the far end of the base level they can make out what looks like a control panel which might be the control panel as drawn in the magic book.

Unable to move forward, the team return upstairs with still no sign of the fish guy.  They find on the opposite side of the stairs another security sigil blocking their path and a lock of some sort that has sealed off the upper floors.  Unable to make it past the security sigil or the locked door in the ceiling, the team starts to back track to some unexplored passages.

The team find themselves in what is likely the mess hall and library, when they come under attack from an ape like creature.  After killing it they search the area and find a necklace that looks like the control necklaces in the magic book.  Thrilled with their success, the team continue with their exploration, first running to a booby trapped stairs, then into a small warforged forge.  There the team finds a cute little warforge smith hammering away at his work.  The team tries to communicate with it, but surprise, it be faking being cute.  It summons a half dozen protectors and the team is hard pressed to defend themselves for the metal beasts.  As the battle comes to a close, the little warforged smith spies the necklace and grabs it.  It turns invisible and quickly skitters out of the room, down the stairs, and into the hallway.  A cry of alarms gives Ashe a heads up and he tries to grab the little smith.  Feeling him rush by and knowing the importance of the necklace, Ashe turns into a werewolf and charges after the invisible smith, much to the surprise of the rest of the team.

Into the dark
Ashe shoots us

Lightening blast on Aramis and Meri.  Ashe gets dominated and shoots Meri and Aramis.

After killing after Grell, they find crystal ball in head. Drack eats brain. Meri finds 1000 gp of residium gems.

Aramis, Drack, Demetrion go back to cave. Harlan and Demetrion examine the crystal ball. They figure out how to activate it and watch the others.

LVB, Vician, Bridget go back to castle along with the book. Continue down hall find large room.  Dolgaunt monks 

Save Alfred!

200 residium gems each (1000)b

Next room has fish person. LVB tries to negotiate purchase castle, he fails, then dark mantles drop down.

Still at the start of the maze
What's behind door number 2?

The team left to make their base camp scout the area and finally find a nice cave they can use. After some rearrangement of the boulders around the area, they find that they’ve made a nice defendable hole. As they’re setting up the interior of the cave, Harlan notices that Drack seems taller than before. “Drack, have you grown recently?” asked Harlan. “Wha???” replied Drack as he munched on a claw of the Hook Horror. “Nevermind, I suppose I’m thinking of something else. Hum. Those petroglyphs over on the back wall remind me of something. Now, what was it again?” said Harlan as he moved to the far wall to stare at an empty wall.

Meri wondered again how he got shafted with all the work. Demetrion, the only other SKT member, was busy pouring over the book that Harlan had shown him. Lord Von Buren seems occupied in cleaning off the mud from his cloak, Harlan seem intent to study the empty back wall, and the dragonborn was stuffing his maw with some indescribable mess. Meri went back to unpacking and inventorying all the gear when he noticed that the rations seem to be less than he expected, about three days less. He tried to estimate how long they had been down here, but without a sun they had no real idea how time was passing. As Meri continues to set up the base camp, Harlan walked over to help Demetrion decipher the book. “Here,” he said as he pointed to a sketch in the book, “this one is repeated here and here.” “I see,” replied Demetrion, “and this one looks like a control panel of some sort.” Slowly they figure out that there is an amulet the opens the main control panel for the machine/castle.

GrickThe team in the Castle (Bridget, Vician, Ash, Aramis, and Riven) start towards the second room. “Wait,” says Riven, “look at the markings on the floor.” "Those look like rank insignias, " said Captain Aramis. After Bridget gets shocked a few times, the team figures out that the security lock is tied to their rank somehow. The second room is a storage room. Vician throws a sunrod into the room to light it up and a snake monster thing jumps up then two more females join in the fight. After another fierce battle, the team search the room and find 5 sunrods that might work, a suit of armor, and a set of rope. The storage room has two exits, one to the west and one to the south. The south hallway has darkness that even low light vision cannot penetrate and it seems to have a blue black miasma like the mournlands.

After all the bruises the team took, they decide to head back to camp. They use two sets of rope to build a bridge over the lava. After regrouping at the cave, they return to the castle with Drack, Capt Aramis, Demitron, Ash, and Meri. They find that the room west of the storage room is a barracks. Half the beds are unmade which might mean they were called to duty suddenly. While examining the suit of armor, Meri is attacked by a Gelaniaus cube. Meri and Drack get sucked up into cube, but the cube is is destroyed quickly.

In the barracks they find two sunrods and another suit of armor. A grill behind the bunk to the west wall has a tunnel that looks like a water storage of some sort, except that the water is gross and looks like blood. The tunnel turns left and leads into a lab. Meri finds a brainbeak and brains in jars in the lab.

At the Mountain of Doom
What lies under?

Capt Aramis watched as Lord Van Buren’s lightning rail car moved off into the east. Hatheril seemed more crowded than usual to him, perhaps it was all the mourners who were turning out for Sherriff Borik death. He had already past four makeshift memorials on his way to the lighting rail station would likely see a few more before he left Hatheril. He had a few more things to do before he could return to Sword Keep, but already the mewling was starting to get on his nerves. He sighed and turned back to push his way through the throngs of people to finish his work quickly.

It was late afternoon by the time he returned to Sword Keep. He had kept his horse at a fast pace all the way back so that he could make it back with enough time to put thing in motion before night fell. He quickly conferred with his First Lieutenant Emach and then headed off to find the Supply Officer to arrange all the gear and animals that they would need for the upcoming mission.

“At ease soldiers,” he said as he entered the briefing room an hour later. “We are on an urgent mission of high importance. You were all handpicked for this assignment and we’ll need your skills on this infiltration and recovery mission. We’ll travel fast and hard, so pack light and get some shut eye, we leave at dawn. Dismissed.” Capt Aramis flipped through the recruit files as the soldiers filed out of the room. The mission team would be comprised of Vician (a scout), Ashe, Demetrion, and Meri (the intel officer) (add character description and bio here)

When the magical flare went off a few days later they were already tired from the hard pace they were keeping and they were several hours past the Lurching Tower. They reoriented themselves to the flare’s location and then pushed their mounts faster. They covered the ground with good speed and didn’t encounter any trouble until they were well into the mountains near the Mournlands. It was while they were trying to secure a rope line to enter a cave opening some 50 ft below the cliff face that they were found by a hungry ogre. Unfortunately for the ogre, Aramis and Ashe make quick work of it and tossed the carcass over the cliff. The team had a harder getting into the cave than dispatching the ogre, almost losing all their rope and one of their own before getting the party through the opening. Good thing Vician had those Boots of Spider Climbing.

Meanwhile, back with the Hatheril Sherriff Department, we find the HSD team exploring their large cave and finding three exits. The first exit is a small hole in the wall some 30 ft up that probably opens to the cliff face. The second is a cavern with glowing mushrooms and the third is a dark passageway with stalactites and stalagmites. A brief exploration of the mushroom cave leans the HSD to find that it ends in a cliff that drops off down some 1000 feet or more, all covered with glowing mushrooms. The team briefly considering throwing Brigid over the ledge, but she quickly clarifies that while she can fly, she doesn’t fly like a bird and doesn’t think she can land safely at the bottom of the cliff. Disappointed, either by not being able to throw Brigid off the cliff or because she can’t fly, the team backtracks to the first cave and collect glowing mushrooms along the way to use as markers.

Before entering the last dark tunnel, Harlan figures out a way to combine some of the glowing mushrooms with a sunrod to make a semi permanent glowing marker. “Here, give me those things,” he said as he took the mushrooms from Drack, “and stop eating them.” Harlan made a small pile of the fist sized fungi, stacking them like a mini pyramid, then sticking a sunrod in the top mushroom. Still kneeling, he closed his eyes and raised his hands over the little pyramid, then began to chant, “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.” Suddenly the little pile flared brighter then stabilized into a steady green glow. Had anyone examined the pile closely they would have noticed the mushrooms seemed to have fused together into one large, misshapen fungus. And an even further examination would have revealed that the previously individual fungi to now look sort of melted, oddly shaped, something like little octopodes. (Gee Scott, you could turn this into a plot thread if you’re reading this!) But none of this was noticed as Riven was already scouting the next cavern. Harlan stood up without noticing either and moved off to join the others at the mouth of the next tunnel.

“Clear!” whispered Riven from the next tunnel. He peered through the dim light and could make out the beginning of the next tunnel through the stalagmites and stalactites. He made as much noise as a ghost as he glided his way to the next passageway. “We ought ta mark our passage,” Drack shouted somewhere behind him. “Good idea,” someone said followed quickly by a loud bashing sound as someone hammered away at the stalagmites to mark their passage. “Queen’s Blessing!” Riven thought, “so much for sneaking up on the monsters down here.” CRASH! Another stalagmite goes down. “We should have just brought a brass band with us to announce our presence,” mumbled Riven. CLANG! CLANG! CRASH! Drack moved up near Riven and accidently knocked over some rocks. “Oh yeah, we did,” sighed Riven.

The party continued down the next passage finding it clear and easy to follow. Looking back they could see the broken stalagmites and the faint green glow of the mushroomsunrod back in the first cavern. The tunnel turned left and they lost sight of all that. They continued downwards, well they assumed they were moving downwards since they no longer had a dwarf to detect sloping passages, until the tunnel opened into another large cavern with a large lake. From here they could follow to the left or the right of the shore.

They turned right and followed the shore and cavern wall as they made their way further into the darkness. “Wait, did you see that?” said Riven as he pointed at the lake, “I saw something.” “Is it something us eat?” asked Drack. “Where? Where?” squealed Brigid as she hopped from foot to foot. “I think I see it,” said Riven as he dove into the water. He rose a few seconds later clutching a small golden Eberron dragonshard. “Let me see that,” said Lord Von Buren said. “Why, this is probably worth some 10,000 gold pieces in a good market,” he said as he examined the stature. “Invest it in property,” he said as he tossed it back to Riven. Riven dove back into the lake to look for more treasure while the rest of them wondered where it came from and how it ended up here. “These cave formations and water patterns would indicate some sort of seasonal or cyclical water overflow, probably moving from the other cave to this one,” muttered Harlan as he peered around the area. After searching for a few more minutes with no results, Riven gives up on finding any more treasure.

Hsd 1

The Sword Keep Troop, after throwing themselves through the cave opening find that the bottom of the cave is a giant forest of giant mushrooms. Completely undisturbed, these mushrooms had grown to completely cover the cavern bottom and grow to unusual size. The lack of animals and pristine fungi lead the team to believe that this would be an ideal place to came undisturbed, but the decide to press on instead. Cutting through the fungi jungle takes longer that one could imagine, but finally the team nears the edge as the mushrooms start to thin and decrease in size until they find themselves in front of small tunnel with a running river. The team continues to follow the tunnel/river deeper into the mountain.

Elsewhere under the mountain, after wringing out his cloths, Riven again takes point as the group continues to follow the shore of the lake. Harlan occasionally bursts out with mutterings that are either a reference to something he just learned from the book or geological trivia. Their tunnel opens into another large cavern and Riven signals back to the others. “What?” yells Lord Von Buren as he made his way up to Riven while brushing his hands over his clothes trying to clean off the dirt and mud. “Shhh! I signaled that we should sneak by here,” hissed Riven. CLANG. Drack moved up. “Me sneak good,” Drack rumbled. Riven rolled his eyes.

The party paused here to assess the situation. Off to the left they could make out what looked like a large termite mound, only it towered some 40 feet tall. “I think we should avoid that and sneak down that other tunnel,” whispered Riven as he pointed out the tunnel mouth off to the right. “Good idea,” answered Brigid. “This,” whispered Riven to Brigid and LVB as he held up his hand, two fingers downward and moving back and forth as if it was walking, “means be quite and sneak.” “I know that, goodman,” snapped Lord Von Buren as he dusted off his front. “Keep up,” said Riven as he took off towards the passage to the right. Harlan paused to make another mushroomsunrod marker as the rest of them sneaked their way to the next tunnel. It suddenly occurred to Drack that the big mounds might contain bugs he could eat. “Wait,” Drack said. “No, keep moving,” replied Harlan, as he tried to shove Drack forward. Drack snorted and started moving forward again.

The tunnel continued until it opened into a smaller cavern that contained a small lake. The party followed the shore on the right again, but this time they found the cavern closed down on the lake and they could just make out a whirlpool near the edge where the ceiling meet the water’s surface. The team backtracked then followed the shore along the left side of the lake. Again the water and cave walls closed in and blocked further progress. Riven peer into the darkness and thought he could make out a sandbar some 50 feet past the shore. “Wait here,” Riven said as he jumped into the lake. “He doesn’t need to breathe, I wonder how he speaks,” mused Harlan as the minutes passed. Finally Riven cleared the water and walked up the sandbar. “CLEAR!” he yelled back to the party. The other quickly made their way over to the other side and Drack almost got dragged down with his armor, but Brigid quickly grabbed him and pulled him to shore. “Thanks,” Drack said between coughing up water, his respect for Brigid going up. “Sure,” she replied in a happy chirpy voice, then she bounded off after Riven into the next tunnel as Harlan made another mushroomsunrod marker.

They continued down the tunnel while Harlan started a lecture on water tables and the flow fluctuations. “See here?” said Harlan as he pointed to some indistinguishable marking, “This is a clear sign of intermittent saturation. And look at those, why you can clearly tell by these markings that…” No one was listening.

The party slowed as the neared the end of their tunnel since they could hear some sort of commotion up ahead. The next cavern was large and spacious with exits both the left and right sides, but in the middle of the cavern a Dire Bear and a Hook Horror were battling for territory. Riven turned to look at everyone, then lifted his hand and wiggled the two dangling fingers. Brigid and Lord Von Buren stared at the Sneak signal and nodded. Riven headed off to the left exit and the rest of the party moved out behind him. Fortunately neither monster spared them any attention and they moved into the next cavern. This cavern was full of glowing mushroom and was the base of a cliff that seemed a 1000 feet up. “Huh, weren’t we just up there?” asked Harlan.

The party moved back into the cavern with the battling monsters only to see the Hook Horror split the bear in half. Riven and Harlan quickly take aim and finish off the wounded horror before it can attack them. As Riven searches the area, Drack decides that the horror looks enough like an insect to warrant a taste and he starts munching on one of the hooks. “Mmmm, good tasty!” Drack mumbled through a mouthful of ichor and chitin. Bridget and Lord Von Buren looked away quickly and tried to suppress their gagging.

Hsd 2

Elsewhere the Sword Keep Troop keep trekking through the river/tunnel until it ends with a water fall. The troop jump into the lake below and cross over to the shore. As they emerge from the water they find themselves facing a small party of Myconoids. They are non hostile and after a few attempts the troop is able to communicate. They explain that they’re searching for a “man building” and the Myconoids think they know what the troop is looking for and offer to take them to it.

The Myconoids take the SKT to their city and offer them food (mushrooms) and refreshments. After some trading, the leader agrees to show Capt Aramis the castle. The Myconoids lead them through down through several levels of the city built into the descending terrain until they reach the bottom. Off in the distance they are shown what the Mycinoids believe is their goal. While discussing their next course of action, the Hatheril Sherriff Department step out from the adjoining tunnel.

The teams catch each other up then head out together to the castle leaving the Mycinoids city behind them. At last there destination stands before them, a castle looking thing surrounded by a moat of lava. The teams decide to slip up, with one group setting up camp while Capt Aramis, Brigid, Ashe, Vician, and Riven decide to breach the castle.

Hsd 3

After circling the 140 sq ft castle, they find that there are two doors on opposite sides and a small land bridge near the assumed back door. The team crosses over the crumbling bridge and enter the first room. There they find Carrion Crawler and two Rust Monsters. The team quickly realize that they brought three archers and a pike man, but no meat shield to hold the front line for the archers. They pay for this mistake when Capt Aramis loses his armor to the Rust Monsters before the team finish them all off. And while Capt Aramis picks up the pieces of his broken magical armor, Ashe tosses the carcasses into the lava moat.

Hsd 4

A New Chapter
Enter Brigid

What had started as a fine day for traveling had slowly turned into a evening about to burst into stormy weather. The sky slowly filled with clouds as the sun started to set and the thunder clouds began to gather in the south. It was near dusk when the team finally made its way back to Hatheril with a small party of mourners they had picked up along the way. Although but Riven and Harlan were both exhausted from their battles, it seemed that there was something more going on with Harlan. During their journey back his hair slowly started to turn white and his eyes slowly turned completely black. It was a few miles from town when he finally collapsed on his horse. With the help of the mourners who joined their procession, Riven and Drack were able to bring Harlan and Borik back to Hatheril before the thunder storm broke.

The following morning it was decided to return Borik’s body and belongings to the Mror Holds and his family. Lord Von Burien makes the arrangements while the city makes their own memorial arrangements. Harlan awakes later in the day of find Capt Aramis, Lord Von Buren, and CrescentHorn standing over him and checking on his health. Harlan seems changed after his long sleep, muttering about being gone for a long time.

Lord Von Burien calls a meeting together to discuss an issue of some concern, but before the meeting can start, the Silver Songbird is crashed by a young female monk. Enter Brigid Fireheart. (Insert description and bio here)

After some “catch me if you can” between Riven and Brigid, the team allows her to stay. LVB brings them up to speed on an artifact that was used near the end of the war that could drill/travel underground, but was lost at the time of the Mourning. A recently discovered book leads LVB to believe that the artifact can be recovered and that the book could help them locate and operate the artifact. This will help them cross the border into Thrane in order to find out what’s going on in there and what the Clerics of the Silver Flame have planned.

The book is protected by some magical sigils that cause mental pain and madness when the book is read. Harlan opens the books and breaks all the sigils with his own magic (or madness?). The book is full of writings and drawings, some of which actually make sense. Based on the information provided, the team believes they will find the artifact somewhere on mountains to the west of the Mournland at the edge of Breland. They decide that LVB will lead the team up the mountain and try to find the location of the artifact or an entry tunnel leading to the artifact. Once they locate a probable site or entrance, the team will set off a magical flare and Capt Aramis will bring in his team to also try and locate the artifact.

The team packs up and, with the help of LVB and his special Lightning Rail car, the team reaches the city of Vathirond in record time. From there they make their way south to Fort Kennrun with their upgraded pack mule Bill. From there they make their way up the mountain over some treacherous terrain, taking a best guess at where they think they might find the artifact or entrance under ground. While crossing near a narrow cliff they are surprised by an attack from two ogres, an ettin, and a huge dire wolf. After taking some beating, the team rallies and finish off the monsters. Due to the inclement weather, they team decide to hole up in the monster lair. After some searching the team finds what they believe is the lair, a large cave filled with bones and debris. Unfortunately the team find the cave by falling down a slope into it and fail to secure a way back of the slope.

Besides finding 250 gp and 100 residuum, a careful search of the cavern reveal three exists, one high up the leading back outside, one with a soft glowing light, and the third dark and uninviting. Believing they have found an entry way into the lower depths, the team sets off their flare for Capt Aramis.

A Hero Falls

After another day of rest and recuperation, our band of heroes head north to make their appointment with Capt. Aramis at Sword Keep. It was a beautiful clear day, perfect travelling weather. On the road they ran into a Hatheril patrol who told them about a recent wolf attack on a small farm to the northeast. The team decided to take a short detour and follow up on the wolf attack.

On the farm they found the family recovering from the shock of the attack and the little boy who had taken ill after the attack. Borik examined the boy and found him sick with something similar to Filth Fever. After applying some healing poultices and prayers, the party left behind the farm and the healed boy as the trekked north to investigate the wolves that attacked the farm.

Further north into the thickening woods the team find the remaining camp of the army that attacked and razed Hatheril. The camp was at the base of the hills that would slowly grow into the mountain range that surrounded Sword Keep. It was a sizable party of Orcs, Goblins, and Kobolds that looked half starved, lost, and with no place to go. Riven took the high ground, but found himself being engaged with some Goblins and was unable to help the rest of the team who were being swarmed by the horde of Goblins and Kobolds in the army camp. The team proceeded to demolish the raiding party but took massive damage in the process.

Having seen scouts leave the camp as they arrived, the team knew that there would be more coming back soon. Riven went on the lookout while the rest of the team clean up and explored the camp. Riven returned and warned them of the returning forces. Unsure of which path the returning forces would take, the team unwisely decided to split their forces and take both the high ground and the low ground. This would prove to be Borik Mroranon’s last tactical error.

The team quickly split into two groups, with Riven and Borik taking the high ground and Harlan and Drack taking the camp at the base of the hill . While Drack and Harlan waited in the two tents to surprise the returning enemies, Riven and Borik quickly found themselves pinned down by some Gnoll archers. Harlan and Drack found themselves fighting off a small party of zombies and were unable to get to the high ground quickly. To help Riven and Borik who were taking damage from the archers. By the time the zombies had been finished off and Harlan and Drack had moved to the high ground, they found that Riven and Borik were in dire straits.

The battle continued until Riven, Borik, and Harlan all fell after numerous arrow wounds. Drack suddenly found himself all alone and surrounded by his fallen companions. In a blind rage Drack stomped back and forth across the battlefield while arrows bounced harmlessly off his high armor class, I mean, off his plate mail and shield. Drack first tried to engage the remaining Gnolls in melee combat, but retreated to heal his friends as the failed there death saving throws, I mean, as the bleed out in the field. Looking over his fallen comrades, Drack leaned over and said a prayer to heal the least dead looking hero, which ironically was the Riven. Riven them patched up Harlan while Drack to once again engage and occupy the Gnoll archers. Finally, the last archer fell, but not before Borik Mroranon failed his last death saving throw, I mean, gasped his last breath. The remaining heroes stood in shocked silence, unsure of what the future would bring next. Borik Mroranon, the exiled Prince of the Mror Holds, last heir of the Onxy Throne had fallen and the world had lost a great Hero.

Big Blue
Borrick looses his head

Out story continues with the heroes in the town Funlowdun (sp?) in the nation of Valrnar. After a restful night at the Creeping Vine inn, the party heads to the harbor to secure passage back to Breland.

Borik tells everyone he is a vampire. Not much of a reaction from party. Drack’s egg hatches a little screaming lizard and it proceeds to crawl all over Drack’s head/shoulder/back.

Passage is booked on a beautiful Eladrin vessel called the Sindarin. During the voyage things start to get weird, even for the Hatheril Sherriff department. Drack starts to feel sick, baby lizard starts screaming, Harlan starts seeing letters moving around, then Drack barfs lightening and falls over sick. Normal sea sickness this is not.

Blue dragon

A Blue dragon lands on the deck, raging at everyone. Harlan, overwhelmed by the draconic prophecy falls over sick. Borik and Riven attack it the dragon, who brushes aside the attacks. The dragon fires off a gigantic lightening blast and the fight crosses all over the ship. Harlan sees pieces of the Draconic prophecy all over the place and deciphers pieces of it while battling the dragon. The heroes continue to battle the dragon back and forth across the ship, until the dragon bites off the head of the unconscious Borik.

Suddenly, another larger Blue Dragon lands on the ship. Giant papa dragon yells at baby blue to cease all actions, then spits lightening at everyone and the entire party passes out.

Borik sees the dwarven afterworld; beer, fights, beardmaidens galore, but steadfast and true Borik chooses to return to the world and all his responsibilities.

The party awakes and the elder blue dragon introduces itself as Nadrossthul and explains that the young dragon went off on his own. He brings Borik’s back to life and Harlan reveals prophecy he just learned.

(Harlan to insert Prophecy here)

The ship arrives at Thurimbar, a small Gnome town without further incident. The Captain of the Sindarin secures land travel and pays for it as a way of expressing his gratitude for fight off the dragon. Borik asks him to move to Hatheril and he accepts.

After further uneventful traveling, the party finally returns to a rebuilt Hatheril. They find that Captain Arimas left a message asking what happen in Thrane. The border between Thrane and Breland was closed and Clerics of the Silver Flame won’t meet with him to discuss the situation. Thrane also seems to be preparing for war again.

Borik leads council vote to build up market for town. Riven makes connections into Hatheril criminal underworld. Harlan deciphers prophecy and rune.

(Harlan to insert details here)

The group determines that the rune means that the Silver Flame is a cage holding some dark power. The cage is either weakening or leaking power.

Drack also concerned about the clerics leading Thrane and the preparations of war. The party makes plans to head north to Sword Keep and meet with Captain Aramis to discuss all these matters.


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