One Star, Two Princes, Three Dragons

Big Blue

Borrick looses his head

Out story continues with the heroes in the town Funlowdun (sp?) in the nation of Valrnar. After a restful night at the Creeping Vine inn, the party heads to the harbor to secure passage back to Breland.

Borik tells everyone he is a vampire. Not much of a reaction from party. Drack’s egg hatches a little screaming lizard and it proceeds to crawl all over Drack’s head/shoulder/back.

Passage is booked on a beautiful Eladrin vessel called the Sindarin. During the voyage things start to get weird, even for the Hatheril Sherriff department. Drack starts to feel sick, baby lizard starts screaming, Harlan starts seeing letters moving around, then Drack barfs lightening and falls over sick. Normal sea sickness this is not.

Blue dragon

A Blue dragon lands on the deck, raging at everyone. Harlan, overwhelmed by the draconic prophecy falls over sick. Borik and Riven attack it the dragon, who brushes aside the attacks. The dragon fires off a gigantic lightening blast and the fight crosses all over the ship. Harlan sees pieces of the Draconic prophecy all over the place and deciphers pieces of it while battling the dragon. The heroes continue to battle the dragon back and forth across the ship, until the dragon bites off the head of the unconscious Borik.

Suddenly, another larger Blue Dragon lands on the ship. Giant papa dragon yells at baby blue to cease all actions, then spits lightening at everyone and the entire party passes out.

Borik sees the dwarven afterworld; beer, fights, beardmaidens galore, but steadfast and true Borik chooses to return to the world and all his responsibilities.

The party awakes and the elder blue dragon introduces itself as Nadrossthul and explains that the young dragon went off on his own. He brings Borik’s back to life and Harlan reveals prophecy he just learned.

(Harlan to insert Prophecy here)

The ship arrives at Thurimbar, a small Gnome town without further incident. The Captain of the Sindarin secures land travel and pays for it as a way of expressing his gratitude for fight off the dragon. Borik asks him to move to Hatheril and he accepts.

After further uneventful traveling, the party finally returns to a rebuilt Hatheril. They find that Captain Arimas left a message asking what happen in Thrane. The border between Thrane and Breland was closed and Clerics of the Silver Flame won’t meet with him to discuss the situation. Thrane also seems to be preparing for war again.

Borik leads council vote to build up market for town. Riven makes connections into Hatheril criminal underworld. Harlan deciphers prophecy and rune.

(Harlan to insert details here)

The group determines that the rune means that the Silver Flame is a cage holding some dark power. The cage is either weakening or leaking power.

Drack also concerned about the clerics leading Thrane and the preparations of war. The party makes plans to head north to Sword Keep and meet with Captain Aramis to discuss all these matters.



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