One Star, Two Princes, Three Dragons

Crossing Talenta Plains

Dear book.

Drack so happy. After long trip with the small smart guys through the dessesrt, it is good to be back in town. The trip was long and hard. We finght these other short guys who attacked us. They seem so small but they take the wangons from us. The short nomes not happy with us but dwarf point out the mostly all alive. Good point.

We get out of dessertt and go into elf land. These elf guys not so friendly, but that okay. After we got to town I got lost and found me some guy selling big lizzard eggs. That remind draK that we the short guys attacked us dey was ridding big lizard things. I thought it would be fun toi ride one toe. I find guy selling eggs here in town. He said it was a dragon egg! Me so lucky! He sell me egg for 100 gold pieces and said it will grow into big red dragon! Red jsut like Drack! The egg is big as Drack head and dark red alsmost black with goldish streaks and it so warm. Holding the egg make drack so happy!

Drack carry egg back to show friends and get lost in town. People real nice and show Drack where his friends at. I show firends my egg and little dwaf guy build me nest! Drack sleep with egg to keep it warm.

Can not wait for egg to hatch. What do baby dragons eat me wondering. Maybe they like bugs like drack like to eat bugs. Or maybe rotten meet. Yum yum. I wonder what I should call baby dragon wen it hatch. Maybe I call it Glsoweeresiskskiiskwn Krasisazzanvn. That good Draconic name. Or maybe call it Roger. I should wait until hatch. Maybe it already kno it own name. Or if it has wings me call it Spot.

I hear cracking noise. Must go check egg.




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