Borik Mroranon

BIG dwarf with a big axe. Going to bust your skull in two. Or shatter it. Hmm... Have you been exercising your skull? If not, it's going to leave a mess.


Five foot tall dwarf with intimidating armor and a great axe. But he’s got a charming smile!


Some are born great, some have greatness thrust upon them. Borik Mroranon fought it kicking and screaming. Borik is the third-born son of Torlan Mroranon: Arbiter of the Iron Council and the most powerful non-House member in the Mror Holds.

Borik, third in line for the hereditary position of head of clan Mroranon, chafed under the aristocratic upbringing his parents imposed upon him. His headstrong independence led him to be branded a troublemaker as a youth. The young, sullen Borik embraced the rebellious reputation he had gained. Carousing, drinking, hanging out with goons like Velog & Baelog, getting in fights – these were his past-times. And as he grew into quite possibly the largest dwarf on Krona Peak, he got in more and more fights. Until one rainy night, when a fight he was at the center of got three dwarves sent to the healer. One of those dwarves was Ardor Tordonath – the son of the councilor from Clan Tordonath.

Torlan, his father, told him it was time to take responsibility like his brothers. Whether he liked it or not, his actions had consequences. He was given the choice: straighten up or leave the Mror Holds. He thought about the responsibilities he had to himself, to freedom, to his family, to his people. Borik chose duty. He came to the conclusion that his home was in the Mror Holds. Even if he didn’t like the birth that Kol Korran had sold him, he would accept it begrudgingly for the good of his people. Asking his father for permission to form a military company, he prepared to take the role of the dutiful warrior son.

Leadership came easy to Borik. With the help of his two lieutenants Enderon & Velog, he formed the 99th Platoon from some of the meanest, dirtiest ruffians around Krona Peak. Borik quickly gave up on the standard military formations used by the armies of the dwarves. Instead, he focused on harnessing the natural abilities of his men – namely strength and intimidation. A skilled armorsmith, Borik encouraged the dwarves to hone their natural proficiency with the forge to create fearsome pieces of armor, often shaped like fantastic beasts. While the other platoons practiced drills, the 99th Platoon practiced their battle cries and headbutts.

The platoon originally focused on fighting border skirmishes with the undead of Karrnath and with fighting the extraplanar creatures in the depths below. But the platoon’s real success was against the Jhorash’tar orcs. The platoon’s sudden, screaming, charging attack struck fear into the hearts of the orcs. As the years wore on, the men, in their turn, rallied around Borik. He gave them a sense of purpose, focusing their rage on something they actually received accolades for beating on. In honor of their leader, the group gave themselves the name Borik’s Boars. As Borik gained victories and served his clan, he came back into good graces with his family. His father even let him borrow the famed axe The Mroranon Mountain Splitter, which belonged to the current leader of clan Mroranon. Legend says that the axe belonged to Lord Kordran Mror himself.

But the world changes, and with those changes come new challenges. The Last War ended with the Treaty of Thronehold. Peace brought a lull to hostilities – even with the orcs. Borik’s Boars returned to Krona Peak with fat bags of loot and taverns full of eager women. Borik returned to a family pleased with his accomplishments. He got along better with his siblings Urik, Hrugnar & Sandy. His mother & father were proud of him and expected him to go to the (boring, to Borik) social events. One of the Mroranons’ favorite entertainers was a beautiful dwarf bard named Sirta. The first time he heard her voice set Borik’s heart on fire. He struck up a conversation, and very quickly they realized that they were a great match. Their conversations were interesting, their interests were similar, and they soon fell madly in love.

Things were looking good for Borik. He was finally fitting into his place in dwarven society. He had a charming girlfriend whom he was considering marrying. There were even plans for a Borik’s Boars expedition to retake Noldrunthrone. Until… that fateful day when they found out the truth about Sirta – as it was yelled throughout the streets by the town crier. Sirta, the love of Borik’s life, was a changeling. She had created a facade which had allowed her to receive gold and accolades performing for the wealthiest patrons of Krona Peak. Once the truth came out, the suspicions circulated that she was a spy for various nefarious causes. Sirta swore that she wasn’t a spy, but to no avail. Torlan, suspicious but with no evidence, gave her three days to leave town.

Sirta & Borik met before she left at Baelog’s illegal tavern, the Drunken Xorn. Sirta explained that she wasn’t a spy. There was no place for a changeling to live, so she had to blend in by taking the form of another race. She insisted that her feelings for him were true and pleaded with Borik to come with her. Her words were convincing – she was a bard, after all. He would have left, except for his men. The men of the 99th Platoon relied on him for his leadership and character. The trip to Noldrunthrone was, for many of them, a lifelong dream. Borik would not see their hopes dashed; nor did he want them to lose the only family many of them had ever known. Borik would not leave his men – in times of war or in times of peace. Sirta left that night, never to be seen in Krona Peak again. Borik finished twelve flagons of ale that night. He stumbled home to his bedroom and passed out on his bed.

The next morning, Borik awoke to the guards roughly jostling him. Bloody footprints led from Hrugnar’s room straight to Borik’s, where Borik’s bloodied boots were lying at the foot of his bed. The axe of Kordran Mror hanging on the wall was soaked in fresh blood. Hrugnar was dead – beheaded with one heavy blow as he slept.

The evidence against Borik was overwhelming: bloody boots, bloody axe, footprints. Though his memory from the night before was a bit fuzzy, Borik knew that he did not kill his brother. To protect Baelog, Borik would not divulge his location the night before. The only thing that saved him from the headsman’s block was that Borik had no reason to kill Hrugnar – and of all his siblings, Borik had the greatest bond with Hrugnar. Torlan had no choice but to completely disown his youngest son. All land and goods were to be forfeit. Borik Mroranon would henceforth be known only as Borik.

Now, having repeatedly chosen a life of loyalty and duty, destiny chose a different path for Borik. The black dragon of luck had stripped him of his name, his men, his woman and left him only the axe on his back. Saying goodbye to his friends and family, Borik headed west to find the future that destiny had chosen for him…

Torlan Mroranon, like his father before him, is the Arbiter of the Iron Council – the ruling body of the Mror Holds. The Last War now over, Torlan is concerned by the increasing infighting between the dwarven clans. He has been steadily working toward increasing the power of the Iron Council, hoping that greater central authority will prevent the bloodshed that plagued his people for centuries. Torlan has fathered three sons and one daughter (in order of birth): Urik, Hrugnar, Borik, and Sandy.

Urik Mroranon, first son of Torlan, is the heir to the leadership of clan Mroranon. Urik is an honorable dwarf who has grown into a formidable politician and leader. There was a sizable age gap between Urik & Borik. While Urik treated Borik with respect, he saw Borik as a petulant younger brother until Borik stepped into his role as commander of the 99th Platoon.

Hrugnar Mroranon was quite the ladies’ man. Suave, wealthy, and well-spoken, his exploits among the women were legendary in Krona Peak. Among all of his siblings, Hrugnar was the one Borik got along with best. Hrugnar Mroranon was killed, allegedly with the axe of Kordran Mroranon at the hand of Borik.

Sandy Mroranon is the baby of the family. Sandy is an accomplished artificer. Borik & Sandy didn’t have much contact. While Borik doted on Sandy when she was a baby, he realized that he was not a good role-model as she grew older. So he kept his distance from his baby sister.

Enderon was a respectable, up-and-coming lieutenant in the Clan Mroranon military when Torlan ordered him to assist Borik as his second-in-command. Torlan was skeptical about his assignment at first, but quickly gave his loyalty to Borik. Enderon’s formal military know-how was an essential part of Borik’s Boars. When Borik was convicted of his brother’s murder, Enderon retired from the service in protest and decided to seek his fortunes elsewhere in the world.

Velog, younger brother of Baelog, was Borik’s best friend and lieutenant in the 99th Platoon. Almost as big as Borik, Velog is a jolly fellow with a penchant for Lhazaarian rum. Velog & Borik have a friendship that goes back to their childhood. As the saying goes, they’ve spilled blood & beer together.

Baelog, older brother of Velog, runs the Drunken Xorn in Krona Peak. The Drunken Xorn is an illegal den of drugs, drinking, and debauchery. Baelog & Borik are old friends. Borik would sacrifice his livelihood to protect Baelog – indeed, he did.

Sirta was the only dwarf that Borik ever loved. Too bad she wasn’t a dwarf. She was a changeling. A bard, Sirta was a favorite performer at Mroranon Hold until it was discovered she was a changeling. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Ardor Tordonath is the eldest son of the head of Clan Tordonath. He got his butt whooped by Borik in a bar fight.

Borik Mroranon

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