DragonBorne Paladin of the Silver Flame


Age 35
Male Dragonborn
A light rust coloring.
Height: 6´ 8˝
Weight: 320 lb

Spits Lightening.
Likes clowns, flower arrangements, and eating bugs.



These three tenants are the cornerstone of Drack’s life. As a ward of the Church, he was raised in a crèche of the Silver Flame and taught both the skills of war and ways of peace. Many little ones come to the Church, some as orphans from the war, some as tithes, and others as bestowments, but all are cherished and special to the Church. Often called Little Embers, these children come from all regions of Thrane and from all races and classes. Their past is wiped clean; name, history, and family are expunged and everyone starts with a fresh name and their future is only limited by their ability.

As the children grow and begin to show signs of talents or abilities, they get assigned to spend more time and education in specialized programs to match their skills. These programs span the arts, agriculture, academia, religion, military, trades, crafts, and other areas. These youths are generally called Little Flames as they begin to explore their strengths and interests in the world around them.

Due to his high physical abilities, Drack excelled at combat and was selected to enter training with the templers in his 12th year. Although he found the physical training easy, Drack often struggled with his religious studies and academic work. Through his dedication and faith, and lots of help from his teachers and his friends Tedros, Andrenworthull, and Ciolm, Drack struggled through his bookwork until he was finally ordained as a Paladin of The Silver Flame.

Drack, or Kir’zzith Zzirrrthzzn Az’kazzithix his assigned Draconic name which means Shiny Little Biting One, kept in close contact with three of his friends from his days in the crèche. Tedros, or Ted to his friends, had a skill with plants lead him to a life on one of the Church farms outside of Tellyn. Andrenworthull showed early signs of being an artist genius and slowly became the toast of the Sigilstar art scene. Ciolm, who excelled at very little, slipped into a mid level bureaucrat post and did his best to serve Thrane.

Drack survived his front line posts during the Last War with no outstanding achievements. Surviving was an achievement in itself. He earned a reputation as a bloody fighter who stood his ground and would put himself in jeopardy to protect his fellow troops. Leadership, cunning, and tactical genius were not words found his military record, but loyal, headstrong, and faithful were often used.

The post war years found Drack struggling to adjust. Front line warriors were no longer needed and he spent much of his time in mediation and performing whatever job the Church assigned him. He was beginning to feel the restlessness overcoming him when he received orders from Commander Valen to travel to Hatheril and resolve the trade blockade.

Drack currently wields the Quick Weapon Battleaxe and has Gauntlets of Ogre Power


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