Hatheril Sheriff's Department


During the Last War, policing the hamlet of Hatheril consisted primarily of controlling drunks, dealing with domestic squabbles, and ferreting out espionage. Bands of soldiers on leave would occasionally descend on the town, spend money, cause trouble and then leave. In addition, attempts by foreign spies to infiltrate the town for reconnaissance or trouble-making made the watch very wary of outsiders. So the Hatheril Sheriff’s Department (HSD) spent a lot of time trying to make newcomers feel unwelcome.

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Harry Hagrin was the Sheriff at the end of the Last War, and he was great at his job. Harry’s scowl could make a man turn tail from two blocks away. Under Sheriff Hagrin’s leadership, visiting soldiers kept to the taverns and spies kept to the shadows. There were no successful terrorist attacks during his tenure as Sheriff – though it seemed a new plot was discovered every week.

The end of the Last War changed all that. With change, great men become common – and common men become everyday heroes. As Hatheril’s role as a trade hub grew, outsiders began flooding the town. The old, gruff ways of policing the people began limiting the growth of the town. The crown decided that change would come in the form of Conrad Rusthammer. Rusthammer had been leading a Cyrian force deep into Breland when the Day of Mourning came. When the Treaty of Thronehold was signed two days later, Rusthammer and his men laid down their arms and swore allegiance to Breland. Rusthammer’s character & intelligence, but especially his outside experience, showed that he had great potential for Sheriff.

And fulfill that potential he did. Under Rusthammer’s leadership, the Hatheril Sheriff’s Department grew into exactly the force the hamlet needed to maintain order and growth. Hagrin resented the demotion and the outside intrusion, but decided to remain in the HSD. Rusthammer was a good judge of character. He quickly took in new recruits – sometimes unwillingly, such as the brave adventurers who killed the rat in the cellar of the Steel Songbird.

The zombification of Hatheril & disappearance of Conrad Rusthammer took a toll on the HSD. But they were ready to help put the town back in order after the invasion. The capture of the goblin who had led the invasion was a great victory and restored morale.

Harry Hagrin still resented the intrusion of the newcomers, however. When the new Sheriff decided not to kill the goblin leader, but instead pander to his silly whims, Hagrin had enough. Along with his former lieutenant, Hagrin quit the Sheriff’s Department in disgust. In his head, he vowed to change things – by hook or by crook. Or maybe by politics. Or drinking a lot. Or retiring to the country. He wasn’t sure…

Hatheril Sheriff's Department

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