Riven awoke with a violent shaking sensation, his body involuntarily convulsing and slamming against the walls of the wooden box that held him. With a guttural growl, he surged upward, splintering the coffin lid, sending shards of broken wood and churned earth flying in all directions. When the cloud of dust settled, he looked with hate-filled eyes upon the shallow hole he rested in, and the scene of carnage surrounding it. It seems his attendants had just begun to bury him before something tore through them like a scythe through wheat, their bodies lay eviscerated and trampled around his unmarked grave. He brushed the dirt from his clothes after lifting himself free of the tomb.

 Grabbing a cloak from a fallen man’s corpse, he wrapped it about himself before continuing to loot the bodies. As he reached for a heavy dual-handed sword, his eyes widened as his hand was bathed in moonlight. Where the shining moonlight touched his skin, it revealed a ghostly and inhuman hand. Exhaling heavily, his breathing ragged from the rage boiling within him, he spat a torrent of curses at the night sky, cursing those who had taken his life, and vowing revenge. With his new found existence, he would become the Reaper, a tool of Death incarnate. His oaths to the Raven Queen would lend him the strength he desired to vanquish those who took him from his past life. Now undying, he would hunt them one by one, each soul a blood debt repaid to return him to his former self…

He had been known Riven, for in life, and in death, he would embrace the emptiness, the hatred, and the pain. He would become nothing, a shadow whose only intent was bloodshed. Orphaned at a young age, he was taken off the streets by his mentor, the leader of the of the Army. After years of rigorous and brutal training, he was faced with one final test to prove his loyalty to the military in which he served, a ritualistic killing upon the only person his life to show him kindness, another trainee named Kiara. When he refused, and instead struck a vital blow against his former teacher, his life as a assassin began. Abandoning the military, and fleeing their laws, he was marked for death. Hunted for years, he evaded their kill-teams until one fatal decision cost him his life. Thinking his lover dead, his former military had kept her imprisoned within their temple for years, performing unspeakable acts of torture to break her very soul until she was naught but an empty vessel, a puppet for their master to use as bait to lure Riven back to them. Sacrificing himself in her place, he allowed his old military platoon to present him to their captain, who promptly acted upon their ancient laws and put him to death. Risen from eternal slumber to enact his revenge, Riven would stop at nothing until his old brethren answered for their sins in blood.


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