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One Star, Two Princes, Three Dragons is an adventure arcs set in Eberron. Below are a few of the Wiki pages you can view, but a better way to familiarize yourself with our heros and their adventures is through the adventure logs.

Player Characters

Borik Mroranon Played by Chris Quarles
Riven Played by Collin Taylor
Drack Played by Tim
Lodros Played by Patrick Quintner
and introducing
Harlan Lagrasse Played by Andrew Asplund


Hatheril; The opening location of the Campaign
Sword Keep; a small Military outpost to the north
Sharn; Capitol of Breland
The Laboratory; a Necromantic Factory of sorts
Harlan’s Cabin; the secluded shack the odd warlock decided to take his sabbatical in
The Steel Song Bird; an upscale tavern and inn in Hatheril.
Aruldusk A port city found in Thrain

Cosmology of Eberron

Although the cosmology of Eberron shares many characteristics with worlds such as Toril, Krynn, or Athas, striking features distinguish it from those worlds. The legendary dragons correspond to the three layers of the Universe. Furthermore, as the planes travel through the Universe and get close enough to contact Eberron, their influence waxes and wanes.

Faiths of Eberron

Religion is important in Eberron, but not because the deities take an obvious and direct interest in the world. Rather, organized faith is important in both a spiritual and secular sense. Temples and shrines are sources of community and peace (or conspiracy and corruption) in villages and towns. In cities, high-ranking members of the clergy can weird as much power as the nobility.

Iron Council

The dwarves of the Mror Holds are ruled by a system of Chairs each with their own function of government. The Chairs are passed down through Clans and each Clan tries to keep it’s chair for as long as possible. The Position can only be passed to direct descendants, male or female, the dwarves would never let a chair fall into a spouse of another race, or even a Mul half breed heir.

The Draconic Prophecy

Little is known about the Draconic Prophecy. The words are written across the land, the sea and the air. Even on the skin of the races of Eberron them selves in the form of Dragon Marks.

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